How I lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks without products or diets


Disclaimer: this is not a product advertisement or way to get you to buy into a scam in order to lose weight and then still be unhappy when you finally do.

The picture is only a way for you to truly believe the very cliche things I’m about to tell you. I don’t do extreme exercise. I don’t starve myself or even really limit myself. I don’t take any supplements, energy boosters, protein shakes or diet pills. These are my results after 5 weeks. What do I do then, you ask?

  1. I rest when I’m tired (instead of taking energy supplements). I try to get to bed by 10:00.
  2. I wake up at 5:30am and go for a WALK (not even a jog) and enjoy the fresh air, quiet time and, sometimes, company of a friend.
  3. I eat every 2-3 hours. Mostly simple foods (sweet potatoes, almond milk, fish, chicken, cottage cheese, eggs- yes the whole egg, organic jam, local honey, chia seeds, almonds, dark chocolate chips, beans, carrots, celery, Ezekiel toast… name a few healthy options). Notice how salad wasn’t listed? Not that I don’t eat it, but it’s not my entire or even half of my “diet.” And guess what!? I cheat 2-3 days a week! I just don’t go overboard. I have Reese’s ice cream and apple pie and real, fatty, made from scratch gravy and cookies etc. I don’t cheat for the whole day. And if I do, I don’t feel guilty or over exercise because of it.
  4. I carve out quiet time for myself, to read, journal, color….whatever suits my mood that day.
  5. I try to do 1 thing a week that will help simplify our lives (clean out a closet, organize the filing cabinet, clean the yard….whatever it is.) The rest of the house is a mess?? So be it. I have young kids and that’s a given during this season.
  6. I’ve learned to forgive people I’ve held a grudge against my whole life. This is a HUGE one! As I’ve been known to eat my feelings.
  7. I budget. Or try my best. Dave Ramsey is a Christian based budgeting plan. Love it.

These are all things God has given us to cope, but we’ve sadly been trained to turn to the world for answers instead. Dieting, over exercising, negative self talk, sex addictions, overspending, drinking, smoking, keeping up with the Jones’. Whatever it is we do. And I say WE, because I still get very tempted to go back to these things sometimes!

Just turning to a more simple life has shown me more results in more areas of my life than ANY other thing I have ever tried!

I hope these things for you. I hope for contentment. ❤️

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