When being positive is hard 

We have those days, weeks or even seasons of life where we just aren’t feelin’ it. Boring job. Ain’t feelin’ it. Messy house (again). Ain’t feelin’ it. Adulting in any form. Just AIN’T feelin’ it! Raise your wine (err I mean coffee) and cheers if you can relate! 

Ok, so after we’ve sat on the couch and lazy day-ed our way through our bad mood, we come to the end of it and realize nothing has changed besides maybe our ever growing to do list after ignoring it for a day. We know we can’t change our circumstances by hiding away in a cave, but for now that just feels good! Hmph. *arms crossed, lip out.

If we are being serious though, how DO we get out of a rut like this? How do we get back to a place where we ENJOY keeping a clean house, ENJOY running errands and keeping a schedule, ENJOY being intimate with our husbands, and ENJOY being someone people want to be around?

The answer I’ve found is- finding inspiration. Dig through your own personality and find what energizes you! What did you enjoy doing as a kid when you had free time? Where does your mind wander when you find yourself in a dream state? What brings you peace? Is it gardening? Running? Reading? Painting? Cooking? What do you naturally tend to gravitate towards doing? What makes you smile just thinking about it? 

I know you are thinking the idea of wine and sleep just makes you grin from ear to ear, but let’s try to think of something you could add into your DAY. Once a week at least! 

This blog and my inspirational group on Facebook came that way. I was constantly posting inspirational quotes and long posts that inspired deep thoughts. I came to realize not everyone enjoyed seeing those, so I started a group thinking it would be a few women from my friends list that would occasionally see the quotes and it would change their day. (It’s grown to something much bigger and more beautiful than that to my surprise.) That ENERGIZED me! 

I also enjoy art, reading, going for walks, sitting on the porch, decorating our house, and quiet time in general. Some people love to throw parties and attend events and be around people and that’s what energizes them! If that’s you, do THAT! The point here isn’t finding the perfect thing to do, it’s MAKING the TIME to do it! 

I know you are rolling your eyes at me thinking, “It must be nice to have all this time to do things you enjoy.” That’s not the case. I have plenty on my plate including 3 children under the age of 6 who need my attention from sunrise to 8pm and a lot of times throughout the night. But you know what I decided? I decided that if going for a 2.5 mile walk/jog every morning at 5:30am before my family gets up is what prevents me from having anxiety attacks on the side of the highway, then I am going to MAKE time to do that! I also decided that if it inspires me to bring positive quotes and stories to women online, then I will choose to use nap time to do so and the housework can wait!

 Let’s be really honest here. If I spent that time cleaning the house, the second the kids woke up it would be a disaster again and I would not have gained an ounce of energy or purpose from that. It is 100% productive and necessary for us to find a passion we have and MAKE time to feed it! These things that we have interest in, God has uniquely weaved into our personality because he needs us to DO THAT to fulfill the purpose he has planned ahead of time for us. These hobbies that energize us are usually our unique way of relating to people and sharing our Heavenly Father with them! God is no fool. He created each of us uniquely and he loves to see us revel in that! ❤️

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