How God Brought Me Home

I didn’t know I wanted animals or kids. God gave me both. 3 of each, and all rescues. Well, two cats and a dog needed a loving home. The kids just need rescuing from ME some days! 😬 I also didn’t know I needed a home, but God gave me the South. 

Goodness, did he give me the South. Front porches, sweet tea and accents. Tall trees, rocking chairs and good cookin. Curvy country roads and antique shops sprinkled throughout the beautiful countryside. He brought me home.

Growing up mostly in Kansas and Colorado, I enjoyed such things as high mountains and wheat fields. Both, beautiful in their unique ways and each gifted me with wonderful memories. Please don’t take this as ungrateful, but for some reason I always felt a tug to be somewhere else. 

I can’t explain it anyway else than to just say I’M HOME NOW.

Do you know how I got here? Pain. Unfortunate circumstances. Depression and anxiety. Struggling relationships. Loss. Stress. Health problems. Financial struggles. Jealousy. Anger…..the list goes on. And I’m not talking about over the span of my life. I’m talking about a 6 month period. It took me getting pushed to my absolute rock bottom for me to finally open my ears and heart to God’s great plan.

The not knowing why is so so hard. We like to feel like we are in control and when we aren’t, we kind of lose it. When we are at our weakest – that’s when our desperate faith reveals itself. After all, it’s easy to say we have “faith” when everything is going our way.

Last winter when my husband got laid off from his career of 10 years, we were on the road to losing everything. It was down right humiliating. I even had the tow guy show up to reposess my vehicle right in the middle of a bible study I was hosting. 

We met with a realtor in an attempt to sell our house before losing it. We had like 3 weeks to sell it before we would have to go into short sale and possibly foreclosure. We were signing papers and I’ll never forget the realtor asking me how I was so calm. It was God. The only way I could have been calm in that moment was if he was providing me peace! My husband cane out to North Carolina for a week to scope things out and we both decided that if we had no offers on our current house by that Sunday, we would agree to short sale. Sunday morning – just 30 mins before they wanted to show the house- they called and asked if that was possible. For SOME reason the house was spotless, the kids were already bathed and ready for church early and my mom (who was living with us) was almost done getting ready. This is UNHEARD of with 3 kids haha They showed the house and that night (the last night we agreed to take an offer before short sale), the people made an offer for MORE than we had listed! God is absolutely amazing and I am in awe of how he makes good out of everything. Side note: Hubby and I had even talked about divorce during these months! 
We had the opportunity to move across the country to North Carolina. And we did. I had never been to the state or seen the house we would move into, but it just felt right. 

I must tell you, I think I’m a southern girl at heart. I thought maybe I was born in the South in a previous life or something! This was HOME from the second we pulled into town. Although, our license plates said “Colorado” and our lack of accents proved us out of towners, this was home and we knew it.

Within the first month of moving in, a sweet but homeless dog showed up on our porch. She was in sad shape. I wasn’t sure we would keep her but our oldest daughter immediatly said, “If we keep her can we name her Charlotte?” Long story short, we love Charlotte to the bone and she is the best dog I have ever had! After Charlotte, followed Sadie our sweet outdoor kitty. And we moved with our kitty Darla that we adopted from a friend before her move. I sit on the porch and just LOVE on those furry family members with a swelling heart! To those who knew me growing up, I was FAR from an animal owner lol

We live on 4 acres with no fences and lots of room for the kids and animals to run! It takes about 15 mins to get to the closest stores and schools. We don’t have good telephone service or a trash pickup service but I LOVE it. We get muddy and our kids walk barefoot and I couldn’t tell you one brand my kids wear, because that’s not important. The horses and goats at Papa and Granny D’s farm can’t read anyway. 🙂

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