25 Days of December: Matthew Chapter 9

Hi guys! If this is your first time joining us: this is post #6 in a 25 part series I call “25 Days of December,” where we will be studying the book of Matthew in hopes of gaining access to “soul food” during this season of busyness and distraction! I’m so glad you’re here!

Yesterday we touched on the fact that the enemy DOES NOT like when he is exposed. The very fact that we are studying the word and exposing his lies makes him very uncomfortable. I have been struggling a bit with my posts and what people think or if they are even reaching anyone. I have to be confident that I’m feeling this because the enemy is mad that scripture is being spread to more and more people! So please pray with me that God continue to give me the confidence in my posts and his plan! Thank you!

I want to remind you that I will be referencing The Message and NIV translations with occasional mentions of biblehub.com. If you do not have a bible handy, you can click here to link straight to Matthew chapter 9 on biblehub.com. In other news, I was recently asked what bible I use. If you would like to view the two bibles I use, you can visit Amazon through these links: link 1 and link 2 and purchase your own! (Note: link 2 is to a bible that is SIMILAR to The Message translation that I use. The exact one I have, is not available on Amazon but the one linked is a women’s version I’m sure you will love! If you are looking to gift one, there are many other versions available including men’s (NIV), youth (The Message) and children versions!)

We are all set with our reading material, our coffee and our quiet time so now, let’s get into the study for today!

Main points for today will be:

  • The company we keep
  • The risk of faith
  • Sheep with no shepherd


  • The company we keep

Matthew 9:10-13 (The Message) tells us: “Later when Jesus was eating supper at Matthew’s house with his close followers, a lot of disreputable characters came and joined them. When the Pharisees saw him keeping this kind of company, they had a fit, and lit into Jesus’ followers. ‘What kind of example is this from your Teacher, acting cozy with crooks and riffraff?’ Jesus, overhearing, shot back, ‘Who needs a doctor: the healthy or the sick? Go figure out what this Scripture means: ‘I’m after mercy, not religion.’ I’m here to invite outsiders, not coddle insiders.‘”

If our ultimate goal is to live like Jesus and spread the Word, then it is our mission to seek out the lost and hurting and give them the good news. What is it to others who sit back and judge us for taking someone (who may or may not be on drugs) to lunch? How can we let it effect us if they judge us for picking up the unpopular and taking them as our date to the social event of the year? Most of all, what church has the right to say that a prostitute is not allowed in their building? I will tell you this. When I am seeking out a new church for our family, I am much more attracted to the ones who invite the lost. I can’t handle churches that have a list of attendees that stays the same, week after week. The churches where you can feel eyeballs all over you if you aren’t dressed the way they expect you should be or who practically ask you to give them a resume before entering the door. It makes me sick. Who on Earth would ever come to serve a God who was not accepting of them right where they are: broken, lost and hungry for someone to love them?

  • The risk of faith

Matthew 9:22 (The Message): ” Jesus turned- caught her at it. The he reassured her: ‘Courage, daughter. You took a risk of faith, and now you’re well.’ The woman was well from then on.”

Faith comes with a risk, most times. Whether it’s the risk of believing in God where it is forbidden or the risk of believing God will do something that may seem impossible to those around us, Faith is risky. God will reward those who are willing to take the risk. I believe this is the same with those who are willing to DREAM. Dreaming is not so popular among the crowds. It just doesn’t seem REALISTIC. That’s because it’s not. According to google, realistic means, “representing familiar things in a way that is accurate or true to life.” The word that sticks out to me is FAMILIAR. Can we recall one time in history where something was invented due to the idea being FAMILIAR? No. It took someone believing in something that currently did not exist. Dream big, dear. You may be the next name in the history books!

  • Sheep with no shepherd

Matthew 9:36-38 (The Message): When he looked out over the crowds, his heart broke. So confused and aimless they were, like sheep with no shepherd. ‘What a huge harvest!’ he said to his disciples. ‘How few workers! On your knees and pray for harvest hands!’

God is seeking out believers who are willing to go beyond just believing and following, and LEAD the lost to their shepherd. This world is so full of lost and hurting people and we are called to love them. I know this idea may seem unrealistic to you. You may be thinking, “I don’t have a budget or the capability to go out to other countries and lead people to the Lord.” Honey, you don’t need to go anywhere. You are surrounded by broken people daily! Besides that, with technology as advanced as it is these days……you CAN reach the world, right from the laptop in your office. ❤ MUAH!

Can’t wait to see you back here tomorrow, ready to take on the world! 😉


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