REPOST: The Objectification of Women

I saw this post in a Facebook Group I’m a part of and it really got me thinking! I’d love to hear what you guys think! Here is the original post made by Ruthie Hostetler: 

“Good morning, ladies! I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole issue of women being objectified in our society and I’m wondering: Is it really a society’s issue, when we are the ones parading only certain parts of us, selling our souls and what we truly care about deep down, for a slim body? When we’re the ones trading our causes and compassion for “what sells” and what instantly pleases, ultimately objectifying what we long for (intimacy, admiration, freedom, joy) for mere objects we can attain (a slim body, legs, abs, toned skin, a number on the scale, the perfect IG picture)???
I don’t think a male ego driven society helps, but I also don’t think it starts or ends there. I believe a woman’s empowerment does not rely on a man’s “empowering” her. It starts with a woman empowering herself and treating herself not as an object for once, nor a project to be worked on, but rather as an exquisite creation meant to be FULLY experienced and enjoyed.
What do you think? How do YOU view the objectification of women in the world you live in?”

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