Home is Where the _____ is

The last month or so I have been pondering what it is exactly that makes a home, “home.” What about a home makes people homesick? Are they missing the people? The smells? The sounds? The comforts? Traditions? What is it exactly that makes a person refer to a certain house or town as “home?”

If you read my previous post about how many times I have moved in my life so far, you will understand why this would be a topic on my mind. 6 months ago, my husband, 3 kids and I made a big move across the country from Colorado to North Carolina. In those 6 months we have gone through many phases. Busy stage. Settling in stage. Getting necessary changes made stage. Starting school and making friends stage. Then there is the sit still and look at what you just went through stage. This is the one we are entering now and I must admit, this is where the homesickness starts to take place. In an effort to make the best out of our new home, I really needed to know what it was, exactly, that we missed about our old “home.”

We’ve heard sayings like, “Home is where the heart is,” or “Home is wherever I’m with you.” How do you define HOME?

Yesterday, I went through a particularly hard time with missing our family and being around them during the holidays (thank you hormones and catching a cold for the extra emotions!). I started to look for things that would make these sad feelings go away. I thought maybe looking at pictures would help, staying busy with housework or sending a message to my family to tell them I miss them would help, but it didn’t really. I went through social media apps on my phone looking for either inspiration or someone to talk to. What I ended up coming across was the visualization of the manger. A small family gathered to celebrate the birth of our Savior. The thought of a small group huddled together in the hay with the animals and how intimate that moment must have been. They were in the middle of one of the most important “memories” recorded, yet they had very little. The manger was not lit with red and green; the stable was not lined with Macy’s bags and Target boxes. They were together and that was enough.

Then in dawned on me. Memories. All of the things I had been missing, were just a bunch of collected memories of what we all used to do together that we won’t be doing this year.

“Home is where memories are made.” Wherever that may be.

The answer I was looking for. It comforted me. It made me realize that I didn’t lose a home, but rather gained a new one with tons of potential for new memories! Nothing can take away the memories we already have, but something sure could take away from new ones to come……and that is NOT MAKING THEM in the first place! I’ve come to accept the fact that memories will be made, whether we are trying to make them or not. The choice we have, however, is whether we will be proactive about making GOOD memories instead of regretting letting the memories pass us by. LASTING memories. Warm and fuzzy memories.

It was right then and there that I decided I was ditching that pity party I was currently attending and I was going to make new memories for our kids! The second my husband got home from work, I headed to the store. I walked down every single Christmas aisle just to get my fix of holiday spirit and I purchased some wrapping paper, cookie decorating supplies and the PIE FACE game! I decided that this year wasn’t going to be a sad Christmas, but one that we would remember for years to come! No more counting down the days for Christmas to be over. I texted some new friends we have made and asked them if they wanted to come over one night to decorate cookies and play the PIE FACE game with us! I also found a last minute “12 Days of Christmas” letter set on Pinterest to print out, dug out our Elf on the Shelf and set them out for the morning. The look on the kids ‘ faces this morning was priceless. While they were in school I turned the Christmas tunes up, made myself a warm drink and wrapped presents til I couldn’t anymore!

Moral of the story here is that we don’t have to be sad if things aren’t the way they’ve always been or if we won’t be where we usually are for the holidays. We have 3 beautiful children just waiting for us to create new memories with them and it would be a very unfortunate thing to miss out on that due to spending all of our time in the past.

One thought on “Home is Where the _____ is

  1. Oh Lakin!!!!!  I love this post! I understand what you are saying! Changes are hard sometimes. …memories are wonderful or not….making new beautiful memories and traditions where you are physically, or emotionally, is the right choice! Add to the old memories. …they may be different but great in a  new way! That feels like my situation, too!  Also……I love how you talked about the manger scene!  Your description of the simplicity of it all ….no bags or boxes!!! You nailed it!!!!thank you thank you for helping light my way as you find you way!!!  I pray peace and joy for you and your family this blessed Christmas!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

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