I’ve come to believe *home* can be both where you are and where you’ve been. A beautiful combination of past, present and future with a huge emphasis on present.

My social media accounts will be taking on a new look as I navigate my way down a road to discovery.

Transplanted from Colorado to North Carolina and growing like the wildflowers – I’ve grown in unexpected places. This move has shown me so many beautiful things, yet I yearn to go back “home.”

Please join me on my search for the meaning of “home” and how we can all come together in making that place special…..wherever that place may be. ⛰


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4 thoughts on “Home

    1. Oh wow. I didn’t know you were from Colorado. I remember looking at some of your posts a couple years ago. I think it’s going to be a wonderful journey; the search for meaning. I’d be interested to hear what you’ve learned!

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  1. In my view, the word “HOME” is difficult to define. A little like “surreal” or “indefinable”. We use it all the time, but what exactly is “closure”. We get a sense of it, but the nailed down meaning seems a bit up for grabs.

    I have looked at “HOME” from a literary standpoint. I like that one a lot. The hearth, the fire, the kitchen represents your mom… that kind of thing.

    From a survivalist viewpoint, it’s shelter – four walls and a roof, but this begs a lot. What about prison? That is four walls and a roof, but it sure isn’t a HOME. Even a homeless shelter isn’t a home.

    “Home” is tangled up with The American Dream” too – another one of those indefinable things.

    We all seem to know it when we see it, but nailing it down is too elusive.

    Home is where the heart is.

    Man, that is true, but again, not the whole story.

    Theologically (as a Christian specifically) I think this is why Jesus is “the carpenter” or “the carpenter’s son”. He is building a “house” – the house of God. Tear this temple down, and I will build it back in 3 days. And St Paul tells the Ephesians that Jesus is building the house of God out of us, and he is the foundation stone too, no less.

    Once you get into the theology of it, it begins to make a complete kind of sense, but then it seems to be standing behind all over senses of it too.

    Actually, I could go on and on and on. And that wont do. But I think Genesis 1 is a picture of God the builder, building a home in which we live in his grace and worship him. I think us modern American Christians have too little appreciation for that temple in Jerusalem and how Jesus upstages it.

    But going to work outside the Bible, I recommend a look at Bouma-Prediger and Walsh’s book, Beyond Homelessness. That book has a lot to quibble with, in my opinion, but it really stretches your imagination as you consider what HOME and homelessness really is.

    That’s my $5 in a 2 cent nutshell…

    God bless… I hope you will keep talking about it. It is worth the exploration!

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much for responding! I loved getting to hear another’s perspective. I am excited about this search and realize I may never actually find what I’m looking for, as far as an answer. I think the journey may be where I find the treasure. I appreciate all you had to say and this really helps me get started on the hunt!

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