Surviving Abortion | My Abortion Story

The blankness, emptiness and just plain white of this paper as I write, takes me to another place. It's not the awe inducing white of seeing heaven in a dream or the shimmer of freshly fallen snow, but it's white and it's bright. If there were pictures on the wall or colors on the chairs, … Continue reading Surviving Abortion | My Abortion Story

Is it a Place or a Feeling?

Anxiety is where it started. An intense need for change.....of feeling uncomfortable being where I was at any given moment. What was causing me to feel so discontent? Was it social media and comparison like everyone was saying? Was it a lack of gratitude? In an attempt to tame my wild need for change, I … Continue reading Is it a Place or a Feeling?


I’ve come to believe *home* can be both where you are and where you’ve been. A beautiful combination of past, present and future with a huge emphasis on present. My social media accounts will be taking on a new look as I navigate my way down a road to discovery. Transplanted from Colorado to North … Continue reading Home

I’m a runner

I’m not sure when it happened. Maybe it was gradually over becoming a runner. A runner away. I tried out for Cross Country my senior year of high school and I learned quickly.....well that....God didn’t gift me with fast feet. But emotionally....spiritually....I was FAST. Quick to run away from anything threatening....uncomfortable...scary. North, South, left, … Continue reading I’m a runner

A New Song

Do the birds know something I don't yet know? I can hear it in their cheerful song. Never missing a sunrise. The opportunity to sing anew; to skip along linked arm in arm with a melody. Not versed in scripture or reading, but need they be? In Psalms we read of new joy coming with … Continue reading A New Song