A Sober Reality

Back and forth, to and fro, down the winding roads of rural North Carolina - I drove home from a solo trip to the grocery store. Nothing but the sound of the car engine humming and the cicadas buzzing loudly. Overstimulation was something I thought only young children suffered, but as I spend more time … Continue reading A Sober Reality


I’ve come to believe *home* can be both where you are and where you’ve been. A beautiful combination of past, present and future with a huge emphasis on present. My social media accounts will be taking on a new look as I navigate my way down a road to discovery. Transplanted from Colorado to North … Continue reading Home

I’m a runner

I’m not sure when it happened. Maybe it was gradually over time....me becoming a runner. A runner away. I tried out for Cross Country my senior year of high school and I learned quickly.....well that....God didn’t gift me with fast feet. But emotionally....spiritually....I was FAST. Quick to run away from anything threatening....uncomfortable...scary. North, South, left, … Continue reading I’m a runner

25 Days of December: Matthew Chapter 25

Good Morning! We are almost finished with the book of Matthew! What has been the biggest lesson you have learned in this chapter so far? -I hope to write a post that will wrap up the book and mention the biggest lessons I learned too. :)- Let's dive in! Main points for this chapter: You … Continue reading 25 Days of December: Matthew Chapter 25

25 Days of December: Matthew Chapter 24

I'm here! Didn't fall off the face of the planet lol I have a good report though! In an effort to jump start my New Years Resolution of "balance" I have put more focus on my homemaking and this week has been fabulous because of it! So much relief, having the budget done, meal planning … Continue reading 25 Days of December: Matthew Chapter 24