Balancing Multiple Children

Moms of multiple kids: Do you ever feel like when you’ve finally accomplished great things with one kid, you realize it’s at the expense of another? Several months ago I sensed frustration in our youngest boy and we were struggling with potty training. It became my focus and I’m happy to report we made great … Continue reading Balancing Multiple Children

Abortion Reveals Itself in Unexpected Ways

The human mind is a great mystery, constantly being studied. Is it a part of the human intelligence we haven't yet discovered or is there some mystery part of us that makes discoveries and acts on them without us even realizing it? Like this secret confession I'm about to share with you. I kept it … Continue reading Abortion Reveals Itself in Unexpected Ways

25 Days of December: Matthew Chapter 17

Hello lovelies! I had a weird couple of days there. I continued to read the chapters assigned to each particular day, but God was talking to me about some other things. I apologize to any of you who were looking forward to these studies! Let's get caught up today! Main points for this chapter: Do … Continue reading 25 Days of December: Matthew Chapter 17

Perfectly Fine With Being Imperfect

I have decided to dedicate a section of the Mama Knows Mess blog to anyone who may want to share their story! Anonymously or named, I believe everyone deserves to share! Here is the first submission to be published! "She's a small-town, hard-working woman just trying to make a living Working three jobs, feeding four … Continue reading Perfectly Fine With Being Imperfect

25 Days of December: Matthew Chapter 6

Hi guys! If this is your first time reading a post from this series, we are starting post #3 in a study of the book of Matthew running for 25 days through the month of December. My hope for you as a reader, is that you feel you have gained access to "soul food" during … Continue reading 25 Days of December: Matthew Chapter 6