Balancing Multiple Children

Moms of multiple kids: Do you ever feel like when you’ve finally accomplished great things with one kid, you realize it’s at the expense of another? Several months ago I sensed frustration in our youngest boy and we were struggling with potty training. It became my focus and I’m happy to report we made great … Continue reading Balancing Multiple Children

3 Things Love Taught Me About Anxiety

I'm wondering if "home" has less to do with the place and more to do with the conditions of our heart. Many years, I spent running from house to house. Away from myself was the goal. Trying desperately to detach myself from the things I had done and the God who said He loved me … Continue reading 3 Things Love Taught Me About Anxiety

A Sober Reality

Back and forth, to and fro, down the winding roads of rural North Carolina - I drove home from a solo trip to the grocery store. Nothing but the sound of the car engine humming and the cicadas buzzing loudly. Overstimulation was something I thought only young children suffered, but as I spend more time … Continue reading A Sober Reality

Abortion Reveals Itself in Unexpected Ways

The human mind is a great mystery, constantly being studied. Is it a part of the human intelligence we haven't yet discovered or is there some mystery part of us that makes discoveries and acts on them without us even realizing it? Like this secret confession I'm about to share with you. I kept it … Continue reading Abortion Reveals Itself in Unexpected Ways

I’m a runner

I’m not sure when it happened. Maybe it was gradually over becoming a runner. A runner away. I tried out for Cross Country my senior year of high school and I learned quickly.....well that....God didn’t gift me with fast feet. But emotionally....spiritually....I was FAST. Quick to run away from anything threatening....uncomfortable...scary. North, South, left, … Continue reading I’m a runner